Pizza Hut locations in Melbourne

Pizza Hut Pizza Hut is a popular pizza place chain that has a presence in the city of Melbourne. They offer delicious pizzas, pastas, sides, and desserts at affordable prices. Customers can order online through their website or via their Messenger bot. Founded on May 1, 1970, Pizza Hut aims to provide great-tasting pizzas to Australians. Contacting their team is made easy as they are available 24/7 to respond to inquiries. Share your experiences with Pizza Hut by tagging them on social media or sending photos via [email protected]. Their mission is to turn good times into memorable ones for their customers.

What people say

As the publisher of a review website, it's our job to stay on top of the latest trends and opinions in the world of consumer feedback. One brand that has recently caught our attention is Pizza Hut, the popular pizza chain with locations all around Melbourne. We've been tracking online reviews and comments about Pizza Hut in the city, and we've noticed some interesting patterns and trends.

First, it's worth noting that Pizza Hut has a pretty solid reputation overall. While there are certainly some negative comments out there (more on those in a moment), the majority of reviews we've seen have been positive. Many people seem to appreciate the variety of pizza toppings available at Pizza Hut, as well as the convenience of being able to order online or via their app. Customers also seem to appreciate the fact that Pizza Hut offers delivery services to many areas throughout Melbourne.

That being said, there are certainly some areas where Pizza Hut could improve. One common complaint we've seen in online reviews is that the quality of the pizza can be inconsistent from location to location. Some customers have reported receiving pizzas that were undercooked or had toppings missing, while others have praised the quality of their pies. This inconsistency seems to be a particular issue with certain locations, rather than being an across-the-board problem with the brand as a whole.

Another area where Pizza Hut could improve is in their customer service. While many customers have reported positive experiences with friendly and helpful staff members, others have complained about long wait times for delivery or poor communication from employees. Some customers have also reported difficulty getting refunds or resolving issues with their orders.

Overall, our analysis of online reviews and comments about Pizza Hut in Melbourne suggests that this is a solid brand with a lot to offer. While there are certainly areas where they could improve (such as consistency and customer service), most customers seem to be satisfied with their experiences at Pizza Hut. If you're a fan of pizza and looking for a convenient option for delivery or takeout, it's definitely worth giving Pizza Hut a try. Just be sure to read reviews and choose a location with a good reputation to ensure the best possible experience.



249c Belmore Road Closing at 23:00


837A Ballarat Road Closing at 23:00
702B Old Calder Highway Closing at 23:00
Shop 3, 1-5 The Avenue Closing at 23:00


1 Hunt Way Closing at 23:00


65 High Street Closing at 00:00


Copernicus Crescent Closing at 01:00
317 Spring Street Closing at 23:00


Shop Centre/100 Hall Road Closing at 23:00

Glen Eira

697 Centre Road Closing at 22:00

Greater Dandenong

Cheltenham Road Closing at 23:00
30 Langhorne Street Closing at 22:00
Shop 1, 23 Springvale Road Closing at 00:00


4/85 Belleview Drive Closing at 22:00
3 Highlander Drive Closing at 23:00
Shop 12, 1434 Hume Highway
250 Somerton Road Closing at 23:00


100 Gladesville Boulevard Closing at 23:00


Shop 46, 450 Burwood Highway Closing at 23:00


Shop 3, 203 Ballarat Road Closing at 22:00


79 Bedford Road Closing at 23:00
427 Maroondah Highway Closing at 23:00


Shop 12, 57 Batmans Hill Drive Closing at 02:00


37 Bakery Square Closing at 23:00
106 Gourlay Road Closing at 23:00


244 Huntingdale Road Closing at 23:00

Moonee Valley

103 Mount Alexander Road Closing at 01:00

Port Phillip

203 Clarendon Street Closing at 23:00
Shop 3, 73 Fitzroy Street Closing at 01:00


567 High Street Closing at 23:00


Childs Road Closing at 23:00


300 Point Cook Road Closing at 23:00
9 Station Place Closing at 23:00

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